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The Train is coming over UMA Horizon

By My Thoughts

AKS at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016

By My Thoughts, Performances

I woke up this morning wanted to share something with y’all.

A few years ago I decided to take some time away from releasing music. For many differing reasons but mostly financial I told myself that I had to choose between pursuing some of the personal things I wanted to undertake as a man (the most important of which was getting married) and a musical career which until that point had been a relative liability. (You get out what you put in and all that jazz)

Anyway, in the midst of all that I was faced with obstacle after obstacle (life threatening health issues, family politics, lost studio sessions, corrupted hard drives etc), and loads of ppl telling me that I’d left it too long to put out a new project. I never stopped creating and albeit that I internalised some of those fears and problems…I never stopped believing!

Fast forward about 4 years and before releasing my sophomore EP I remember having convos with my business partners (Jason & Nii) about my goals with the project; the biggest of which was to transcend the achievements of my previous body of work! I took a leap of faith with the songs I’d written without a clear idea of how I’d meet every need but having faith that I would by God’s Grace.

Following months of successes since the project’s release; on Thursday night I hopped on stage at the inaugural Unsigned Music Awards, nominated for 2 awards including the biggest of the night and played to a full house audience of friends, fans, & movers and shakers in the industry.

Although I never walked away with the awards; I can’t deny how blessed I feel to have exceeded my goals.

And I say all that to say this:

The God of the mountain is the God of the valley. In each case He has a purpose.
Sometimes it’s better to take your time in the knowledge that the things God has set apart for you, will be yours!

What a Week…BBC 1xtra Playlists & UMA Nominations

By My Thoughts

This is a bit of a belated post to be honest. I didn’t really know how to put into words how things had progressed during the start of this October season, but undoubtedly I’m pretty happy about things right about now!

If I keep it 100% with y’all, the thing is that all of these forward motions happened at a time when I was trying to explain to some of those closest to me why I’m hardly at hand or present as much as they’d like me to be. It’s difficult to justify the time you’ve spent dedicated to something when people can’t readily see the fruits of your labour. I found it was even harder to walk people through the sacrifices we make as creatives and why “time” is one of those things.

Anyway…fast forward a few days and I get the news the title track for my recent EP, “Train of Thought“, is playlisted over at BBC 1XTRA courtesy of the great people at BBC Introducing. (Tune in all this week to catch #TOT getting spun).

Beyond that though, I also get the news that beyond a performance slot at this year’s inaugural Unsigned Music Awards, I’ve also been nominated for 2 awards!

The industry panel have me up for:



It’s extremely humbling to be up in the mix alongside some insanely talented individuals.

I’m here continually giving thanks, ecstatic and hoping I get to take the award home.

Big ups to everyone who’s been supporting and rocking out with the EP and just generally been following my career up until this point. I appreciate every single one of you.

I hope these recent events show just how dedicated I am and act as a smoke signal to others. To the peeps close to me, I’m sorry…but this is where my time’s gone, and long may it continue to yield dividends! Love y’all.


InstrosOnly was a vibe!

By My Thoughts

It’s crazy when you pass through a show doing what you do and get this kind of a response.
Fully enjoyed stepping out at Instros Only and meeting all the producers and judges. Special shout out to Focus…, J Hatch & Flukes who were judging the producer showcase on the night!

Photo 10-09-2016, 23 15 59

Photo 10-09-2016, 23 17 01

Photo 10-09-2016, 23 21 39

Instros Only Producer Showcase

By My Thoughts


I’m a stickler for progressive moves, so when my homie Pino (@PinoProducer) gave me a shout to roll through to his Instros Only Producer Showcase and give an exclusive performance, undoubtedly the answer was yes.

It’s already a sell out affair, so I’m looking forward to hopping on stage and shelling in fron tf the producers in the house, which will include iStandard co-founder, J Hatch (Diddy, Rick Ross, 50 Cent), legendary producer, Focus…, (Dr Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce) and the UK’s very own Flukes (Crazy Cousinz).

Gonna be a night to remember, so if you’re lucky enough to have bagged yourselves a ticket…#ATrainApproaches.

For more info visit: Instro’s Only Producer Showcase


AKS at the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards

By My Thoughts

It’s funny how things go in music. A couple of weeks back I’m just getting word that the Jay Electronica gig I’m booked as support for is getting put on hold while the organisers sort out some issues, and in that moment I’m pretty deflated as you can imagine. I tell myself it matters not, since I’ve got a headline show around the corner. But fast forward 2 hours and some email exchanges and I’m booked to play this year’s Unsigned Music Awards

I guess God got me, huh?

I’m pretty stoked to be in amongst the performers on the night, so make sure you tune in on October 27th to catch the train arrive on a bigger platform.

#TheJourneyContinues. #NothingMoreNothingLess

Sincerely Wilson – “Chains” Remix feat. AKS

By My Thoughts

My brother, Sincerely Wilson, recently released a song that touched my conscience entitled “Chains“. It echoed a lot of the thoughts and feelings that we’ve all been having about the state of affairs between the black community and the police force, especially in America where a notable amount of black men and women have been murdered at the hands of so called law enforcement whilst being documented via social media and seemingly without much recourse.

In honesty it’s a subject I’ve been hesitant to approach on record. On some level I haven’t had the words. Only anger and sorrow at an untenable situation. But when Wilson put out a rallying call for artists to add a verse, I had to try and speak.

So here’s the result of that attempt. I hope it serves some purpose beyond being an outlet for me.

#Chains #PrideOverPrejudice #BlackLivesMatter #AShameOnYou

We’re supporting Jay Electronica

By My Thoughts


Today I’m remembering the kid who spent his evenings in a bedroom he shared with his younger brother  & sister, tinkering away on Fruity Loops thinking one day he’d be able to grace the stage alongside some of Hip-Hop’s most formidable names.

I reckon Jay Electronica is one such name to write home about; so imagine my excitement at being asked to open for him over at The Coronet on July 23rd. 

I mean, I only used to drive past it approaching Elephant & Castle in the early hours of the morning as I played passenger en-route to help out with my Dad’s night shift. Hometown glory and all that but I’ve never been inside! Kinda poetic…don’t you think?

Anyway…it’s a family affair as myself and LIMM label mate, J. the Exodus, join  Mikel Ameen, and Paigey Cakey to play support to the Roc Nation heavyweight.

It’s sure to be a good show so make sure you’re topped up! #ATrainApproaches

Grab your tickets here:

Oh btw…in case you thought it was no big deal; this is what happens when you tell your mates you’re opening for Jay Electronica.



Save the Date – 18.08.16

By My Thoughts

Photo 01-07-2016, 16 56 41

Imagine what’d happen if Less is More Music & Soulfeatures joined forces.

Now…What if I told you, you didn’t have to imagine? LOL!

Put the date (18.08.16) in your diaries and Sign-up to the mailing list to be the first to find out details of a very special collaborative project!

#DontSayIDidntWarnYou #TheJourneyContinues. 

The Train arrives at The Beat LDN for #TheUKHipHopShow

By My Thoughts

This time last week I headed over to The Beat LDN 103.6 to catch up with my homies DJ Bones & Mr 13. They’ve been mad supportive since The Bus Stop EP.  In what was one of my most in depth chats we caught up about my outlook on the game, everything that lead up to Train of Thought.

Hop on the train and peep the FULL INTERVIEW below:


The Train arrives at Radar Radio for #HungoverWithJadeAvia

By My Thoughts
[vc_single_image image=”3820″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”]

I took a trip over to Radar Radio last week to catch up with the lovely Jade Avia courtesy of my good friends over at Mixtape Madness.  We chopped it up on the show whilst sipping on some Disaronno and spoke life, Red Bull Culture Clash and catching the Train of Thought.

I definitely had a blast with the first live interview whilst pushing this project, and Jade gives a little indication of how she found our brief interaction in the video above.

Hop on the train and peep the FULL INTERVIEW below:

“Back Like I Never Left” – Stay with Me (Feat. Sincerely Wilson)

By My Thoughts


PS. I still can’t believe that we premièred this video with the good people at Earmilk…now that’s something to write home about! LOVE!
#StayWithMeAKS #TrainOfThoughtEP

One Way Up and a little way from a House called Home

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1WAYUP_thumbnailIt’s kind of  funny how life goes sometimes. When I was a youngster, like most inner-city London kids I had a blinkered view on what was important in life. For the most part I couldn’t see far beyond “my endz” and the potential danger I’d be in if I was caught “slippin'” having drifted too far on my lonesome to another area in London.

Let me say this…I was never a “road” guy! Having an African disciplinarian as a father, I was fully dedicated to my academics, but I had no vision of what I was really working towards as the guys I saw around me, whom I perceived to have the things I longed for, were all of that “street” mentality, and albeit that I didn’t get lost in any of that, these were my friends. For them the road came with a certain sense of territory and inevitable issues with kids from neighbouring areas. One such area was “Peckham”.

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Welcome Back

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During the course of the last year I’ve had a number of people ask me where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and why they haven’t seen much of me on the live circuit.  The truth is, I’ve been living a relatively ordinary life, working hard and getting myself in a better place for the plans that lie ahead.

Despite the successes of “The Bus Stop EP”, and my apparent growth in popularity as a result, I made a decision at the start of 2012 to use this year to change all the aspects of my life which I felt  stopped me from progressing on a personal level.

I made a list of things that I wanted to change, told myself that I would achieve them by the close of the year and I’m proud to say that against all odds I managed to do so before celebrating my last birthday in November.

Using that experience as inspiration, I’ve been putting pen to paper, working on a follow up project to “The Bus Stop”. I like to think I am an open & honest artist, and in many ways I hope that aspect of my work is what appeals to you. With the next project I want to invite you a little more into my thought & creative process, and continuing with the “Modes of Transport” theme, I’m calling it “Train of Thought”. 

Thanks to some formidable support from yourselves, as well as peeps like SoulcultureWePlugGoodMusicSistova,  AllAboutGoodMusic & the rest of the LIMM outfit, I managed to achieve some great things with my last EP and thankfully its still getting heard by a lot of notable people.  As I make efforts to complete this next body of work, I realize how important it is to build on that, and with that thought grows my ambitions for where I can take this next project.

I will be using this space to share with you my progress as the new EP begins to take shape. Hopefully you’ll continue this journey with me until we reach our destination.

For now, I’ll leave you with these words that have been a source of inspiration for me over the last year:

…I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me!

Remain Blessed y’all.