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Sincerely Wilson

AKS at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016

By My Thoughts, Performances

I woke up this morning wanted to share something with y’all.

A few years ago I decided to take some time away from releasing music. For many differing reasons but mostly financial I told myself that I had to choose between pursuing some of the personal things I wanted to undertake as a man (the most important of which was getting married) and a musical career which until that point had been a relative liability. (You get out what you put in and all that jazz)

Anyway, in the midst of all that I was faced with obstacle after obstacle (life threatening health issues, family politics, lost studio sessions, corrupted hard drives etc), and loads of ppl telling me that I’d left it too long to put out a new project. I never stopped creating and albeit that I internalised some of those fears and problems…I never stopped believing!

Fast forward about 4 years and before releasing my sophomore EP I remember having convos with my business partners (Jason & Nii) about my goals with the project; the biggest of which was to transcend the achievements of my previous body of work! I took a leap of faith with the songs I’d written without a clear idea of how I’d meet every need but having faith that I would by God’s Grace.

Following months of successes since the project’s release; on Thursday night I hopped on stage at the inaugural Unsigned Music Awards, nominated for 2 awards including the biggest of the night and played to a full house audience of friends, fans, & movers and shakers in the industry.

Although I never walked away with the awards; I can’t deny how blessed I feel to have exceeded my goals.

And I say all that to say this:

The God of the mountain is the God of the valley. In each case He has a purpose.
Sometimes it’s better to take your time in the knowledge that the things God has set apart for you, will be yours!

Sincerely Wilson – “Chains” Remix feat. AKS

By My Thoughts

My brother, Sincerely Wilson, recently released a song that touched my conscience entitled “Chains“. It echoed a lot of the thoughts and feelings that we’ve all been having about the state of affairs between the black community and the police force, especially in America where a notable amount of black men and women have been murdered at the hands of so called law enforcement whilst being documented via social media and seemingly without much recourse.

In honesty it’s a subject I’ve been hesitant to approach on record. On some level I haven’t had the words. Only anger and sorrow at an untenable situation. But when Wilson put out a rallying call for artists to add a verse, I had to try and speak.

So here’s the result of that attempt. I hope it serves some purpose beyond being an outlet for me.

#Chains #PrideOverPrejudice #BlackLivesMatter #AShameOnYou

“Back Like I Never Left” – Stay with Me (Feat. Sincerely Wilson)

By My Thoughts


PS. I still can’t believe that we premièred this video with the good people at Earmilk…now that’s something to write home about! LOVE!
#StayWithMeAKS #TrainOfThoughtEP

In the Studio with…Sincerely Wilson

By In the Studio No Comments

OK, so those of you who follow me on Instagram would’ve seen that I recently hopped in the studio with UK based soul singer Sincerely Wilson.

I’ve been a fan of Wilson for many years now, after meeting him at a small show we we’re both on the bill for.  He struck me then as a stand out artist as he laid soulful tones on a heartfelt track during his perforamnce. We got to talking after each of our sets (I remember calling him UK’s answer to Dwele, complements abound, but he’s evolved since then) and a friendship was born. The thing is we hadn’t worked on anything together musically and since we have a real friendship beyond music I really wanted to take the opportunity to do just that with this new record I’m working on.

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