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My Train of Thought Fam…!

By August 25, 2017No Comments

Well this one’s been a long time coming!

When I sat down to map out goals for the Train of Thought EP campaign with the team, one of the main points I wanted to live up to was releasing more than one visual from the project! In large part dropping this is keeping the promise to myself and fulfilling the goals that myself and the team set out for ourselves!

But being the title track for the project it means much more than that too. The whole project has been about showing growth and it’s amazing to see how that’s been received.

Going from my Bedroom/Studio ramblings to award nominations is one hell of a progression.

But this video finally sees me publicly stepping into who I’m supposed to be as an artist! I just hope that people continue to catch my train of thought, cause like the song says, I’ve come a long way…but there’s still a long way to go!

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