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Midas Touch

Midas Touch – “Special Vibe”

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OK, so once again I seem like the only person that hasn’t thrown this up on their blog yet, but in case you hadn’t noticed…Midas Touch are *ahem* BACK!

Never being ones to rest on our laurels,  we hopped on to the Streets of London” Rooftops and Carparks of Catford to be exact,  to bring you the latest video from the trio in the shape of “Special Vibe”.

As a unit, its humbling to have gained a truckload of support, with this video &  track being picked up by Soulculture, Karen Civil, Earmilk etc; and it seems we’ve been getting comparisons with Detroit outfit Clear Soul Forces (that’s a complement).

Our main aim with this one was to take it back to “Hip Hop”, and give you that reminiscent feel of the 90’s when it wasn’t so much about the financially extroverted, to portrayal of living the high life but more about that street corner, that “make good of what you got” mentality, the rhymes & the cypher. There’s something special about the that “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop, an aura that you can feel in the air…a vibe! And with every single ounce of support we’ve got with this track, one thing is for sure….We’ve got it!

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Midas Touch – “We Are…”

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OK, so this has gone up on every other blog during the last week, so it only makes sense that it ends up on my own (better late than never). Having gained support from the likes of Soulculture & Respect Magazine among many others, it’s safe to say that we achieved  and exceeded what we wanted with this video by introducing the world to who “We Are” collectively as well as who we are individually.

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A Night in with the Lads

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So the other night, myself, Phoenix da IceFire, and J the Exodus had a lock in session over at Kilamanjaro Studios with Chemo. It had been a long time since we’d all been in the studio at the same time, and as you can imagine the energy in the room was electric. I’m sure you’ll get to hear what we were working on pretty soon but as per usual the guys set the lyrical bar pretty high. Its funny the stuff that comradeship and friendly competition can bring out of people and I’m happy that the people I surrounded myself with from early life still have the ability to inspire great things.

Shout out to Nii from LIMMYumi of 4649, & Helms who was in the house representing DNV.
I’m looking forward to sharing another segment of us with you… this space!


Peace out.


PS. U can catch some pics of the night after the jump.

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